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CZA-Derm Snail Care Range of products contain Snail extract powder which has been primarily developed to help women fight against ageing.

Because of our hectic lifestyles, both women & men often neglect their skins. As people age they notice their first signs of expressions lines around their faces, wrinkles around their eyes & loss of firm, radiant skin.
Snail extract powder supports these slowly aging signs by treating repairing & regenerating aging skin according to Spaninsh Dr. RA Iglesias who developed a cosmetic range from Snail extracts.

The main property of SNAIL EXTRACT is to provide natural activators that the ageing skin can no longer produce such as . .

SNAILCARE also contains Vitamin A ,D and E. It is fragrance free and suitable for all skin types.
SNAILCARE has also been used to support stretchmarks ,skin marks eczemas , acne scars and skin damaged by the sun.

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Terms & Conditions of Use :
Snail Care products containing snail extract does not treat or cure any medical condition.
Snail Care is used for cosmetic purposes at the sole discretion of the user. Individual results may vary.
Snail Care products should be tested on a small area on the hand before use to exclude possible allergies.


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